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The French commercial nuclear power plants park

The electricity generated by nuclear power plants in France represents about 3/4 of all French electrical power. All French NPP are run by one single operator: EDF.
The national NPP fleet consists of 58 reactors or Units, all of the pressurised water type (PWR), spread over 19 sites on the French territory, each of these comprising 2 or 4 Units. Gravelines is the only 6 unit site.
The electrical power delivered by the reactors to the network can be of 3 different power levels: 900 MWe (34 units), 1300 MWe (20 units) and 1450 MWe (4 units).
A new Generation III reactor, called EPR, 1600 MWe, is currently being built at Flamanville, where 2 1300 MWe Units are already operated.

Power plants abroad

North Anna  Nuclear Power Plant (USA)

These power plants can be of different technologies, eg Pressurised Water Reactor (PWR), Boiling Water Reactor (BWR), Heavy Water Moderated Reactor (CANDU), Graphite moderated/Gas-cooled Reactor (AGR) or Graphite-Moderated/Light Water Cooled Reactor (RBMK).Mihama Nuclear Power Plant (Japon)