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Board of Directors

ASSURATOME is run by a Board of Directors consisting of minimum 10 and maximum 15 administrators, designated annually by the Ordinary General Assembly.


General Assemblies

Every administrator has to be a natural person, chosen among the senior executive management of his insurance company. On the other hand, an individual even if he is not a senior executive of a member insurance company, can be designated as administrator by the Assembly on grounds of his competences.

The Board of Directors appoints among the administrators a Chairman and a Vice-Chairman. The Board also designates a Managing Director proposed by the Chairman.

The Board of Directors meets as often as required specifically when the interests of the pool are to be discussed. A Technical Committee set up by the Board is in charge of any surveys or studies which are deemed necessary.

Similarly, a Financial Committee has been constituted for defining the strategy and organising the management of financial assets, cash, transferable and assimilated securities, mutual funds.

They are held with all the representatives of the pool members.

The General Assembly is qualified as ‘extraordinary’ when the decisions to be taken are referring to the modifications of the statutes, coinsurance conventions or the dissolution of the pool. The General Assembly is qualified as ‘ordinary’ in all other cases.

It is required that the General Assembly is convened within the last 3 months of the calendar year.

In addition, the General Assembly is necessarily convened when requested by at least 25% of the Pool members.

The ‘ordinary’ General Assembly decides on the Pool’s interests, and more specifically on application for the Pool’s membership, examines voluntary member resignation, pronounces radiations, appoints the Administrators, as well as  Management Controllers and Statutory Auditors.

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