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The regulatory texts about the Nuclear operators’ Third Party Liability in France can be found in chapter 4 (Legislation).


Nuclear operators’ Third Party Liability in France

The Chernobyl incident has shown that “the effects and repercussions of a nuclear incident will not stop at political or geographical frontiers”, therefore it is “highly desirable that persons on one side of the frontier should be no less protected than persons on the other side” (cf. exposé des motifs of Paris Convention § 3.)

Even if the probability of a nuclear incident - is remote because of the high security level applicable in the nuclear industry, the specificity and the potential extent of damage resulting from a nuclear incident have convinced a certain number of Western European Countries to work out International Conventions for Nuclear Third Party Liability to which France is a party.

The founding texts are the nuclear liability Convention (Convention de Paris) of 29 July 1960 and the supplementary Convention to the Paris Convention for nuclear energy of 31 January 1963 (Brussels Convention supplementary to the Paris Convention).

These Conventions have established a specific liability regime applicable to nuclear operators. In addition, transportation of nuclear substances generated by nuclear activities is also covered by the same regime of liability.

The main purposes of the promoters of the Paris Convention and the Brussels Supplementary Convention to the Paris Convention were:

Features of nuclear operators’ liability

These provisions have been transposed in the French law (Law n°68-943 of 30th October, 1968 modified by Law n°90-488 of 16th June, 1990 relating to the liability in the field of nuclear energy and government order n° 2012-6 of 5th January, 2012 amending environment code).