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The aim of the co-reinsurance pool Assuratome is to facilitate the insurance activity of their members in the field of nuclear energy for pacific purposes.

The reinsurance capacities Assuratome can make available are made out of the domestic capacities offered annually  by their members plus the capacities provided by foreign pools.

The reinsurance conditions are ruled by 2 conventions Assuratome’s members adhere to:
ASSURATOME is not entitled to issue insurances policies, which are issued by the member insurers, ceding entirely the risks to Assuratome.  The risks insured can be INB–installations (Basic Nuclear Installations), ICPE-installations (Registered Installations in respect of Environmental Protection) holding or using  nuclear substances, or other type of installations or industrial, medical or research equipment, containing or using radioactive sources subject to the control  of ASN (the French Authority for Nuclear Safety) or by the local state authority (Prefect).

The co-reinsurance extends to the principal branches of non-marine insurance: