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Major Claim Management

The management of major nuclear and radiological claims requires a specific organisation within the framework of the National Response Plan ‘Major Nuclear or Radiological Accident’ published in February 2014 (http://www.sgdsn.gouv.fr/site_rubrique146.html). One of the action sheets associated to this plan, No 28, deals with emergency financial support (28/1) and indemnification procedures (28/2).

Major nuclear operators and insurers represented by Assuratome have been associated to the inter-ministerial working group on Indemnification settled after the publication of the National Response Plan and its action sheets. The aim was to discuss the governmental organisation and the prerequisite measures to be made in this field, as well as responsibilities and coordination of the different actors to implement action sheet No 28.

Without waiting for governmental decisions, nuclear operators and insurers have made arrangements. Operators either rely on the insurance market or contract a Third Party Administration (TPA) for claims management. Assuratome and its member insurers made arrangements with fronting insurers; Assuratome statutes have been amended accordingly.