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Loss Prevention

The Assuratome engineers, experts in nuclear technology, analyse the risks of operating nuclear sites, as well as work during erection or dismantling phases and transports.

Their survey reports provide accurate risk assessment to underwriting in order to establish the policy conditions.

The main fields of intervention for the engineers are as follows:
• Assessing the risks for the underwriting process and the follow up of cumulated exposures;
• Issuing recommendations in order to reduce the probability of loss occurrence or to minimise the consequences of an incident;
• Technical support to claims management.
The Assuratome engineers take part to a larger extent in an international engineering system that gathers the engineers of the nuclear pools of most of the countries with a civilian nuclear industry. Under the coordination of the "Engineering Sub Committee" (ESC), they attend some of the technical surveys on foreign nuclear sites.

These technical visits, performed for insurance purposes only, are distinct from the other inspections of the ASN (the French Nuclear regulator), WANO, the IAEA….

The Assuratome engineers also set up a technology watch to keep up with the state-of–the art developments in the nuclear field.

They carry out their surveys supported by technical documents, handbooks or by guidelines established under the auspices of the ESC in the fields of fire protection, machinery breakdown, nuclear safety and Nuclear Culture. These guidelines are all downloadable from this page.